Thursday, September 22, 2011

Mitch West: No, But Seriously

This is a trailer for my friend and comedian Mitch West I edited for Immotion Studios in Fort Worth. Check out Mitch's site by clicking HERE.

Time-Lapse of Earth from Outer Space.

This is so cool....

Best Choice Presents Italian Meatloaf Burgers

This is a cooking show I helped direct and edit for Immotion Studios in Fort Worth. I really wanted to get the lighting and the feel of this perfect. Still some work to do but it's getting there. By using a 50mm lens on my Canon T2i camera I was really able to get right in there with the food since the camera is so small. I think we got some really amazing shots. This is the first episode of 12. The second one is almost complete!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

CineStyle Camera Tests With Cats!

Basic Camera tests with a Canon T2i using Magic Lantern and Technicolor's CineStyle picture profile. Shot at 60 FPS at 720P.

Color corrected using the Pomfort plug in for Final Cut Pro.

Photos From the Park

Here is some crazy crap. So I don't like mornings, but somehow I was able to arise at 645am and go out to the Botanical Gardens and use a camera. Master photographer, Dwight Vasel was holding a contest for the best flower picture. So I went out and filmed the photographers using my newly hacked Canon T2i with Magic Lantern. I also used the CineStyle picture profile from Technicolor for the first time. The results were not too good. But towards the end of the shoot I figured it out. This was my first time using both Magic Lantern and CineStyle so I struggled. I'm still practicing, and here are the result of that. Oh also this was color corrected using the Pomfort plug in for Final Cu Pro 6. (The real Final Cut...)

Demo Reel 2011

This is my 2011 Demo Reel! I hate editing demo reels, so I got a 14 Emmy award winning editor to do it for me! Thanks to bad ass Dwight Vasel for the kick ass reel. Check out his site at

The Lake House

This is a fun little time-lapse video I made while staying out at a good friend's lake house on Cedar Creek Lake, Texas.

Bobbie Wygant's Empire Strikes Back special

Found this awesome little piece on The Empire Strikes Back that Bobbie Wygant did back in 80. So frigging cool, and notice how they talk about 9 movies not six...

Place I've Found ( A vertical short)

Here is a little experimental short that I helped produce for Coleman Anderson make. He discovered this little trend on Vimeo of Vertical shorts. I thought it was an interesting idea and we went around the hood and filmed some dry summer land. Loved the choice in music here too.

Time-Lapsing with Erik Bloom

This is a funny short that my co-hort in crime, Coleman made while we were filming the upcoming time-lapse short, "The Fort". In this I mock the GREAT photographer Philip Bloom. Sorry Philip. You are great though. I love you.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Dallas Summer Musicals:Guys and Dolls

Over at Immotion Studios we picked up The Dallas Summer Musicals as a client and we produced our first video for them on Tuesday night. Here is the result of that...

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Brad Smith:First Career

This is a fun little spot we did for Brad Smith Transition Services in Fort Worth. It was a stop motion project that was contructed of nothing but still photos. Everyone on the crew did a great job on this. It turned out pretty damn sweet!

June 12, 2011

Well Conrgats to the Dallas Mavericks. This has been an awesome season. And to complete my little playoff short film trilogy, here is a final short film about what happened at the AAC when the Mavs won their first NBA title in Miami. I filmed a little stuff with my iphone and put it to some music.... Hope you enjoy! Go Mavs!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I've always wanted to make a Godzilla film. So I guess I can now cross this off my bucket list! Go Mavs!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Dirk Will Destroy Your Heart

Here is another Digital Harizumi short film! I decided to go basketball and abstract. I need help people. Dirk rules!

The Day of the Samaritan

Here is a short documentary film I directed about the Samaritan House in Fort Worth. Coleman Anderson produced for Immotion Studios. I think it turned out rather well for a two man crew and a Canon T2i camera in one day! Which just goes to show to you, you don't need a RED camera to tell a good story.

The Day of the Samaritan from immotionstudios on Vimeo.

Stop Motion Test

Here is a little sop motion test that we did for a client at Immotion Studios using real humans (or Coleman). The real version should go into production soon. These are inspired by the Kindle commercials by Amazon...

Client Stop Motion Test from immotionstudios on Vimeo.

Coleman and the Cake Eaters

Here is another little movie that uses the Digital Harizumi 2 camera. This time my pal Patti Lee did the camera work while I made into a fun little silent film. I like to abuse Coleman as much as possible. He is my muse.

Coleman and the Cake Eaters from immotionstudios on Vimeo.

Immotion celebrates Coleman Anderson's birthday with an awesome Justin Bieber cake!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Conversations With Coleman Part Three

Well I have completed another trilogy this year! This year I finished my little nature trilogy with "The Farm", "Garden of Translation", and "Snow by Ennio". Now I have completed the "Conversations With Coleman" trilogy. We thought about doing a few more, but I think it's best to stop the bleeding now, before they get too tired. There is one I still want to do, but Coleman has declined to speak of it on camera.... Not that Coleman is out of stories mind you, I think it's just best to go out on top. Hope everyone likes 'em! It's been fun making them. Here is a little lobby card collection for part Three. And remember you can see the complete trilogy on

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

DVD REVIEW:Marwencol

What is art? What is life? Are they the same? What happens when they intersect each other in a very intimate way? These are all questions that I though of after I viewed Director Jeff Malmberg's impressive documentary, "Marwencol" at the Lone Star International Film Festival last November. I'm still thinking about the film, and now that is finally available to the public I wanted to spread the word about how this is the best Documentary of the past year. Here is a summary of the film from the official site:

"Marwencol" is a documentary about the fantasy world of Mark Hogancamp.

After being beaten into a brain-damaging coma by five men outside a bar, Mark builds a 1/6th scale World War II-era town in his backyard. Mark populates the town he dubs "Marwencol" with dolls representing his friends and family and creates life-like photographs detailing the town's many relationships and dramas. Playing in the town and photographing the action helps Mark to recover his hand-eye coordination and deal with the psychic wounds of the attack. When Mark and his photographs are discovered, a prestigious New York gallery sets up an art show. Suddenly Mark's homemade therapy is deemed "art", forcing him to choose between the safety of his fantasy life in Marwencol and the real world that he's avoided since the attack.

"Marwencol" has won over 20 awards, including two Independent Spirit Awards, Best Documentary of the Year from the Boston Society of Film Critics and Rotten Tomatoes, and the Grand Jury Award for Best Documentary at the South by Southwest Film Festival. The Los Angeles Times calls the film “an exhilarating, utterly unique experience” while the Village Voice says that it's “exactly the sort of mysterious and almost holy experience you hope to get from documentaries and rarely do.”

This film is extraordinary. One of the few films that I have seen recently that I have not been able to stop thinking about. It is a truly amazing story, and one everyone should check out on home video as soon as you can. The twist at the end is almost as fascinating to ponder as the main subject of the documentary. I won't spoil it by telling you what it is, but it should come as somewhat of a surprise. Although watching it again, you can see some signs of things to come sprinkled in. PLEASE PLEASE go get this movie. You will not be disappointed.

"Marwencol" is now available on DVD and Blu-Ray.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Thursday Afternoon in the Park

I received my new Harinezumi 2 Triple plus camera last week, and made a little lunchtime short to test out the camera. The camera emulates toy still cameras and Super 8mm. It's very tiny and very flexible. The sound is actually really good too. Check it out.

The Latest Bobbie Wygant News Stories!

Here are some new Bobbie Wygant stories that have run recently on NBC 5 and on

Beer Teared Dreams

Check out this exclusive music video for "Beer Teared Dreams" by the James Henry Band. This was a song written for the short film I produced for director Coleman Anderson. This video is also photographed, edited, and directed by Coleman.

A Whole Lotta Bass Spots!

Here a bunch of Bass Hall Spots I've been doing the outro Voice overs for...

Firestone Movie Theater Ad